Persikojelly – Peach jelly


Well you know. Shit happens and you loose things. Like reciepts. On little notes somewhere in your house.


But I found the pictures. They look good.

And I remember it tasted good… 🙂

Mothers day 2014

Last Sunday we celebrated Mothers day.


A small and yummy Princess cake was down for business. Decorated with real flowers.


Less is more – goat cheese as starter

Sometimes less is more.

When it comes to food. As long as your ingredients are good the meal will be good.


Nice goat cheese. Covered with honey, walnuts and truffles. Grill in oven for some minutes and the drizzle balsamico syrup over.

Awesome – scrimp hot dog

Went through my EyeEm the other day and realised I missed this awesome thing in the blog.


I got the inspiration for it when I visited Herring, Netherlands. A hot dog with shrimps. Fresh ones with mayonnaise straight from the fishing boat.

I made mine with tartarsause.


Pizza – when you can edit a horror movie just by your tomatoes…

Börja med att koka tomatsås. Fräs tomatpuré och vitlök i smör och olivolja. Häll på hackade tomater och koka ihop. Salta och peppra och lägg i basilika och oregano. Koka tills det blir lagom. Häll eventuellt i en skvätt ketchup.


Laga pizzabotten eller lägg ut tacos på plåtar.

Lägg på fyllning som passar och som finns hemma.


Rökt skinka, tomater, champinjoner, ananas och blå mögelost.


Tomater, champinjoner, paprika och oliver.

Toppa med ost och grädda i 200 grader C tills de är klara.


Mr.M tycker det tar alldeles för länge att få ut sina vegetariska pizzor.


Start by making tomato sauce. Fry the tomato paste and garlic in butter and olive oil. Pour in the chopped tomatoes and cook together. Add salt and pepper and add the basil and oregano. Cook until it gets about right concistency. Pour in a little bit of ketchup.

Make the pizza dough or place out soft tacos. Add the filling to suit and you have available at home.

This time I had to empty my fridge of smoked ham, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple and blue cheese due to a business trip. I also found even more tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and olives.

Then top with cheese and bake at 200 degrees C until they are ready.

Obviously they smelled too good to Mr.M. He could barely wait to get them out of the oven. Yes, the vegetarian was his…

Chicken with lemon balm, szechuan pepper and rice- Kycklingfrikadeller med citronmeliss, schechuan sås och ris


Börja med att blanda kycklingfärs, en kruka citronmeliss, två ägg, ströbröd, salt och peppar. Låt det vila ca 30 minuter.


Fräs upp någon matsked smör och vetemjöl. Blanda ner grädde och mjölk. Rör ordentligt. Häll i kycklingfond och halkrossad schechuan peppar och lite curry.


Servera med ris.


Start by mixing minced chicken, a pot of lemon balm (melissa), two eggs, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. Let it rest for about 30 minutes.

Fry a tablespoon of butter and flour. Stir in the cream and milk. Stir thoroughly. Pour in the chicken stock, schechuan pepper and some curry.

Serve with rice.

En surgubbe bland gudingarna…

Vårjakten har varit i full gång. Till Herr Ms stora förtret så kan han tyvärr inte delta i den. Gladaste killen blir som en surgubbe.


Jag kan ju inte påstå att vädret har varit speciellt bra dessa dagar. Men hoppet är ju det sista som överger en. Har det inte regnat har det blåst…


En dag hade jag lite snacks med…

Men ett par fåglar blev det. Herr M behandlar dem med stor skeptism.


Gudingar (han ejder) är det som gäller nu och vill man så blir de goda.

Marinera ordentligt och grilla tunna bitar. Smörkoka sparris. Laga murkelstuvning.


Spring hunting has been in full swing. Mr. M can unfortunately not participate in it. Happiest guy becomes a grumpy old man…

I can not say that the weather has been especially good these days. But hope is the last to abandon one. If it has not rained, it has been windy … But we got a few birds. Mr M treats them with great skepticism.

Male eider is what’s on now and they can become tasty. Marinate properly and grill in thin slices. Butter cook asparagus. Cook morels stew.