Aphrodite – an experience

Experience, a journey in 11 acts to unexplored gourmet of the region based on Liquid nitrogen – Spherification – Elmusification – Deconstructivism – Trompe l’oeil – Textures and Temperatures. That was the description of the menu I choose.

When I arrived at Aphrodite I got seated at a table that probably would fit four persons. When I ordered the menu I got an additional table. We’ll get to that. Some space is needed to prepare some of the dishes.

It started with a House cocktail with dry ice. It was champagne with your choice of flavor, I choose green apple.

The first dish was called In search of lost oyster and iodine foam, l’huître of vegetable Salad, Pearl Lemon to Silver powder. It was not eighter oyster or iodine. The foam was based on sea urchin. The oyster was eggplant and yellow kiwi (?) with a pearl made of lemon jelly.

Let me say I was excited at this point. It was exactly what I wanted. Good, experimental food that fools you. I was in food heaven and so happy I didn’t went to sleep!

Second round was Nitro-Dragon Pissaladière. For a woman that dreads onion this must seem like a nightmare. Pissaladiére is some kind of caramelized onion. And it was mixed with anchovies’ which made it taste great with both sweet and salty. But it was cool. With egg of meringue that was made at the table with liquid nitrogen, hence the picture with smoke. That was the only thing you could see.

The third dish: A little Pain without Pain?
Or if this was some kind of middle dish. There was some things that looked like bread but was made of rice flour among other things.

The fourth dish: Illusion Macaroni Tomato with Creamy Basil and buratta .

The fifth dish was called: Hot Spherification reverse Daube a ´la Niçoise with Crunchy carrots and marjoram. My favourite of them all! Daube a´la Nicoise is some kind of beef stew, and it did taste like strong veal bouillon. And a bit of liquorish. The carrots were pickled. Well, we have a runner up for next birthday dinner 🙂

The sixth dish: Juice Bourride on ravioli molds +70 ° and Ice cream at -20 ° of Chorizo Bourride is like a fish stew with aioli. This dish was good, but I felt that because of the different temperatures the tastes disappeared a bit and was not uplifted as I assumed they could have been.

The seventh dish: Presa Iberian Pata Negra smoky ”El Gringo” with Grilled green asparagus and juice of Peanut.
This was served in an upside down glass dome full of smoke and the stone was hot. When served, the smell was amazing. Unfortunately the, as I love pata negra, I was disappointed at the meat. Pretty dry.

The eight dish: Foam Fourme d’Ambertà powder Spéculos Arugula & purple artichokes.

The ninth dish: Sorbet of the day with liquid nitrogen
The waiter took pur’e of strawberries, combined it with the nitrogen, and whipped it with a whisk at the table. It was creamy, soft, fresh and damn cold. It was handy to have a large table.

The tenth dish: Virtual fried egg
An extremely cool (and cold) dish. Don’t worry it was mango pure and coconut cream. The ”black pepper” I think was vanilla.

The eleventh dish: Faux Caviar or Irish Coffee?
The blinis where regular small blinis but the caviar was Irish coffee in shape of small jelly beads. It looked far more better than tasted. Probably because I started not to be quite hungry anymore.

And the grand final was called Sweet Morphing which consisted of five small desserts.

Perfect Iced Lime bubbly Lollipop, like the ones you had as a kid that popped in the mouth. I remember there were also ice creams that had this poppy-cover.

Fruit paste without fragrant fruit to Gingerbread.
Cornetto Strawberry with White Balsamic vinegar, which was like a special, nice ice cream.
The little white tube contained raspberry flavor to go with the wasabi chocolate lollipop.
Limoncello spoon!

If you only visit one restaurant in Nice. Visit this one. If you only have one meal in Nice, have it here. The food had some bits that was not too good but most was excellent. The wine recommendations as well. And I wanted to be a lot more fooled by many dishes. But. You don’t only go here for the food, it’s an experience!


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