Halloween dinner 2016

As ususal there were a dinner for this years Halloween.

The menu:


First course were a pomme dorre (meat fruit). As in Hestons Dinner I found the receipt and a week later the dish was served to my guests.  Maybe not the most perfect ones and I would change some things… But I made it. It was mandarin-shaped. It tasted good (no one puked). Still can´t figure how they did this in the 1500´s…

Second was a beetroot risotto with goat cheese crème.

Third was the helix pomata (escargots). I made them earlier this summer and prepared them in the freezer. A receipt with all-inclusive instructions will be available later…


Number four was a bit of a disappointment for me (picky bitch…) due to the lack of black color of the cassava. But it tasted good with truffle etc.

Fifth was a 16 hour in 84 C pork belly with pumpkin pure, carrots and apple terrine.

Sixth was black salsify, spinach, truffle and fried bone marrow.

In 7th heaven there were no photos….

For dish number eight it was panna cotta. Vampire style with a core of blood. No sorry, raspberry- and strawberry sause. Served with said sause, dried raspberries and strawberries and golden dust.

Last dish were these chocolate candles.

Served with an edible stone they were filled with chocolate mousse.


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