Halloween 2017

Hors d’oeuvres was potato chips with caviart and smetana, smoked perch roe with smetana and sweet potato chips and finally pumpkin pizza with cheddar and serrano. Someone was drooling…

First course was Caesar salad with chicken liver and black dressing of 50 % sardelles and 50 % squid ink. Meal worms included.

Pumpkin soup with chanterelles and other mushrooms.

Crayfish panna cotta.

Pork ribs with pumpkin puré, tea marinated plums and pickled pumpkin.

Snail garden with eggs of chablis. 

The cheese dish was bluecheese cream with blueberry leather, edible glass and bee pollen.

Sweet Blinis with buckthorn berry ”roe” and mascarpone ”smetana” with grounded vanilla.


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