Mr Ms birthday cake

Mr M had his birthday earlier last week. 8 years! So this weekend we celebrated with a proper cake!

Start by covering a cake mould in clingfilm and then in ham or sausage.


Layer it with potato mash.

And fish stew.

When all layers are done cover it with more ham.

Leave to set for a while.


One of those evenings…

I had big plans after work today. Cooking dinner, doing dishes, gardening and some cleaning. 

I got to the dishes when this suddenly appear.

And after a few more I had to take a look. 

First I saw this. 

In best of dreams we would have about 97 geese in the fridge… But then I saw this. 

Let’s say it took awhile to clean up.

All of a sudden the pillow killer is lying on the mown admiring his work. Count to 10 dear!

If it wasn’t work enough we then picked some flowers in the garden.

So that’s that evening…

At least I ate the first wild strawberries this year…

I had a hunch…

I had a hunch when I bought the sofa who would steal the corner… 

Or actually I bought the long part for me, the corner for Mr. M and the table for the wine glass. 

And I was right, cause now when Mr. M goes missing, this is where he is: 

Sun: shining

Temerature: hot

Wind: zero

We’ve been waiting a long time for you summer! 

Of course the garden lizzard joined as well. Did not see that one coming!

Utsiktspromenad – A walk with a view

På morgonrundan vid stugan finns en obligatorisk utsiktplats.

”Ahhh… alla dessa lukter!”

 – – –

When taking the morning stroll at the summer cottage, there is a obigatory view point ,according to Mr.M.

”Ahhh… all these smells!”


Tänkte visst uträtta underverk under helgen om man ser till mina planer, men ett projekt blev i allafall klart.

Självklart med god ”hjälp” av Mr. M…

Men det blev ett 18 meter långt blomland till slut.