Interior re-organization

Finally got the new painting for the living room 🙂


Mr M havn’t decided yet what to think of the complete re-organization…

I think he’s just pretending so he can have two corners in the sofa… When the new one arrives; he will not…

Dualit handvisp

Har aldrig riktigt tyckt om att vispa utan alltid använt assistenten till det, då kan man göra annat under tiden. Har varit utan visp i …många…år. Men nu finns en Dualit hemma. Och vi kommer ganska bra överens.

7.8.2012 048

Have never liked to whisk, always used the stand mixer since I can do other things during the time.

Been without a hand mixer for years, but now things have changed and I have made friends with a new Dualit.