Birthday dinner 2017

On my birthday we had cake, and planned the upcoming birthday dinner 2017.

Later we started to lay the table. Or at least one of us did…

Theme was spring and nature.

The smartest way to keep plates warm before serving at home is an electrical blanket.

When guests arrived there were Champagne and two different hors douvres. One with scrimps and chili mayo and one with pickled meat and truffle aioli.

First dish of the evening was beets.

More in detail beetroot, yellow beetroot, pear, maché, walnuts, bee pollen, acacia honey comb, balsamic syrup, fried goat cheese and mealworms. All inspired by this dish.

Second dish was a velouté made of beef. On the plate is mushroom, peas, carrot, cress and golden salt.

Third dish was salmon.

With potato purée, scrimps and crayfish and scrimp foam. It should have been served with also a scrimp roe butter, but that one got left in the fridge…

Dish four was savory porridge.

With fennel, cress and grasshopper.

Dish five was braised celery.

With celery and gruyere and parmesan, and celeriac, cider apples, yellow beetroot, walnuts carrot sprouts and cress.

Dessert was a berry parfait with raspberry mousse, berry sauce, bee pollen, gold leafs and cotton candy.

Födelsedagsmiddag 2016 Birthday dinner

Sent skall syndaren vakna tror jag det heter… Var ju ett tag sedan födelsedagsmiddag ala 2016 gick av stapeln, men här kommer den.

Först ostron.

Briochebollar med fransklöksoppa i.

Till detta en Blanc de Blance

Första rätten av middagen var Croque monsieur med dijonaisse.

Sedan kastanjepure med rådjurslever, sky och persiljerotschips.

Sedan Steak Fries med bearnaisesause.

Efter detta blev det fisk; bouillabaisse närmare bestämt.

Som mellan rätt innan desserterna var en syrlig körsbärsglass. Recept kommer.

Blåbärsclafouti med vaniljgrädde.

Och självklart chokladmousse.

Och som sig bör efter fransk middag kommer ost.

The yearly birthday dinner is coming up…

Have started the preparations for the upcoming yearly birthday dinner. This year the theme will be ”French”. 

So I need some French Fries. 

Here they are drying. For 20 minutes. 

I’ll make the best ones ever. According to this receipt

Lets see. 

To get in the mood I had to change music.

At that time it had boiled over. And the stove shut off. 

Then when I tried to clean the mess, the cloth stuck to the saucepan…

Lets hope the dinner will be a bit better than the start of the prep…