Birthday dinner 2017

On my birthday we had cake, and planned the upcoming birthday dinner 2017.

Later we started to lay the table. Or at least one of us did…

Theme was spring and nature.

The smartest way to keep plates warm before serving at home is an electrical blanket.

When guests arrived there were Champagne and two different hors douvres. One with scrimps and chili mayo and one with pickled meat and truffle aioli.

First dish of the evening was beets.

More in detail beetroot, yellow beetroot, pear, maché, walnuts, bee pollen, acacia honey comb, balsamic syrup, fried goat cheese and mealworms. All inspired by this dish.

Second dish was a velouté made of beef. On the plate is mushroom, peas, carrot, cress and golden salt.

Third dish was salmon.

With potato purée, scrimps and crayfish and scrimp foam. It should have been served with also a scrimp roe butter, but that one got left in the fridge…

Dish four was savory porridge.

With fennel, cress and grasshopper.

Dish five was braised celery.

With celery and gruyere and parmesan, and celeriac, cider apples, yellow beetroot, walnuts carrot sprouts and cress.

Dessert was a berry parfait with raspberry mousse, berry sauce, bee pollen, gold leafs and cotton candy.

Happy Birthday!

Mr M turned 7 years this Tuesday. Due to travel we celebrate the birthday today. Starting with a nice cheesy breakfast. 


The birthday dinner 2015

1: Tonfisktartar med potatis- och persiljerotspure, havssalt från Molokai och viol – Tuna tartar with potato and parsley root pure, sea salt from Molokai and violets

2: Knivmusslor med basilikaolja och Sango sallad – Razor clams with basil oil and Sango salad

3: Halstrad tonfisk med sallad, ugnsbakad tomat, böna, ägg och dijonvinägrett – Seared tuna with salad, baked tomato, bean, egg and Dijon vinaigrette

Vinöppningen innan rätt nummer fyra var intressant. Också dammsugare och ficklampa behövdes…

4: Oxfilé med potatispuré, anklevermousse och bearnaisesmör – Fillet of beef with potatoe puré, foie gra mousse and bearnaise butter

5: Ädelostglass med ruccola och torkad oliv – Blue cheese ice cream with rocket and dried olive

6: Flower pot ala Heston Blumenthal

7: Jordgubbsmousse bakelse med jordgubbspure, minimaränger och minibrownies – Strawberry mousse cake with strawberry puree, mini meringues and mini brownies

Happy Birthday Mr. M!


Of course his little cousin visited, even for a sleep over. Both as hungry for dinner! Fried fish filets with rice and chicken sause for birthday dinner.


Earlier at day, before first guests arrived, Mr. M did not so much to help… Sun bathing!


But the guests for day gathering got their cake. And Mr. M too…