Birthday dinner 2017

On my birthday we had cake, and planned the upcoming birthday dinner 2017.

Later we started to lay the table. Or at least one of us did…

Theme was spring and nature.

The smartest way to keep plates warm before serving at home is an electrical blanket.

When guests arrived there were Champagne and two different hors douvres. One with scrimps and chili mayo and one with pickled meat and truffle aioli.

First dish of the evening was beets.

More in detail beetroot, yellow beetroot, pear, maché, walnuts, bee pollen, acacia honey comb, balsamic syrup, fried goat cheese and mealworms. All inspired by this dish.

Second dish was a velouté made of beef. On the plate is mushroom, peas, carrot, cress and golden salt.

Third dish was salmon.

With potato purée, scrimps and crayfish and scrimp foam. It should have been served with also a scrimp roe butter, but that one got left in the fridge…

Dish four was savory porridge.

With fennel, cress and grasshopper.

Dish five was braised celery.

With celery and gruyere and parmesan, and celeriac, cider apples, yellow beetroot, walnuts carrot sprouts and cress.

Dessert was a berry parfait with raspberry mousse, berry sauce, bee pollen, gold leafs and cotton candy.

Mr Ms birthday cake

Mr M had his birthday earlier last week. 8 years! So this weekend we celebrated with a proper cake!

Start by covering a cake mould in clingfilm and then in ham or sausage.


Layer it with potato mash.

And fish stew.

When all layers are done cover it with more ham.

Leave to set for a while.


Cuisine ala Mr.M – Laxpudding

Ibland finns det billig lax och då brukar det bli laxpuddig till Mr M.

Börja med att fixa till fisken och koka ris.

Blanda ris med ägg, vatten och mjölk.

Lägg en del av riset i en form och lägg på fisken, kylskåpsrensade ostbitar och kryddor.

Lägg på resten av riset och grädda i ugnen i 175 C i 45 minuter.



Hamburgare – Hamburgers

Förberedelse är viktigt.

Laga bbq-glaze. Gör köttfärsen. Förbered grilldricka.

Placera dig vid grillen och anställ en bra grillvakt.

Vill ju inte att något skall gå fel.

Grilla på och lägg sedan ihop hamburgarna.

Se till att grillvakten får lön (annars kanske det inte går lika bra nästa gång).

Servera med en god hamburgersås.

One of those evenings…

I had big plans after work today. Cooking dinner, doing dishes, gardening and some cleaning. 

I got to the dishes when this suddenly appear.

And after a few more I had to take a look. 

First I saw this. 

In best of dreams we would have about 97 geese in the fridge… But then I saw this. 

Let’s say it took awhile to clean up.

All of a sudden the pillow killer is lying on the mown admiring his work. Count to 10 dear!

If it wasn’t work enough we then picked some flowers in the garden.

So that’s that evening…

At least I ate the first wild strawberries this year…

I had a hunch…

I had a hunch when I bought the sofa who would steal the corner… 

Or actually I bought the long part for me, the corner for Mr. M and the table for the wine glass. 

And I was right, cause now when Mr. M goes missing, this is where he is: 

Sun: shining

Temerature: hot

Wind: zero

We’ve been waiting a long time for you summer! 

Of course the garden lizzard joined as well. Did not see that one coming!

Fylld sivripaprika med rådjurssandwich och BBQ-bearnaise

Börja med rådjursgrytan. Igår. Den lagas på samma sätt som pulled pork.

Koka på, koka på…

Laga en kräm av crème fraiche och ost, jag valde en grön mögelost eftersom den var på väg att gå ut ur kylskåpet själv.

Fyll sedan sivripaprikorna med krämen på valfritt sätt. Mitt sätt var inte det bästa, men jag ville pilla bort kärnorna först. Pincett funkar bra.

Gjorde någon nödlösning och försökte stänga dem med tandpetare när de skulle stekas på. Gick sådär…

Stek på brödet, lägg ihop och servera med BBQ-bearnaise.

En tallrik till mig. En till Mr. M. Det blev en stjälk från ena paprikan kvar. Måste varit mums…

Ja det var det.

A hard knock life – Making good food

Sometimes it is a hard work to make good food. Do you rather lay around watching tv? No. 

Mr M and I are preparering for Halloween. And preping the elk for the freezer. 

Btw. Sorry for the pants but I forgot the braces…