The sharks attack! Or not?!

In Monte Carlo I went to the Mus’ee oc’eanographique de Monaco. It was one of my must do’s. And I was not disappointed.

I found all sorts of fishes.


And different kinds of corals.


Since I went kind of early in the morning the sea horses were a sleep. Or all of them were he’s and very pregnant. (Yes, the male is pregnant).


And I found Nemo!


Like lots of baby Nemos!


And the ugliest fish I have ever seen! Note! It was over 2 meters long!


There were some super scary jelly fishes. I was happy the pirayas were on holiday!


In the middle of it all a ”Dalmatian fish” swom towards me 🙂


But now we are getting close to why I visited this place. It was not of the great whale scelatton.


Or the giant scallop shell (imagine the pearl :O Yes, it’s a big Michael Kors bag… )


It was because of these teets.


And especially to pet these sharks.


Well, yes, I petted some sharks. What did it feel like?

It felt like I was petting a giant snot booger. 😀

Now I know and can tick it of my to-do-before-I-die 🙂

A small recap…

Since the internet connection let me down last night I’ll do a small recap now.

I went to dinner to Café the Turin. A special little place with sea food only.


Then I thought I should be somewhat healthy and bought some sweet cherries.


Then today I had a full French breakfast before I started my hunting for vehicle to Monaco.


I had lunch at Café de Paris in Monte Carlo. 6,50 € for a small bottle of water. Well, that is Monaco for you…


When I evenually got back to Nice, I passed a supermarket with a great fish department. Note! The humidity!


And tonight I went down to the Old town for dinner. As I didn’t choose moules frites the last day for dinner I did it tonight.



För att dra det hela lite kort, kommer ett längre inlägg, så bestämde jag mig idag för att trotsa allt vad strejk heter och bege mig till Monaco.

Sagt och gjort så letade jag upp lokalbussen och tog mig Monaco tur/retur för tre euro.


Tre verkar ha varit dagens lucky number 🙂

Fick plats på tredje bussen och tredje sista sittplatsen. När jag skulle hem igen så var det och tredje bussen jag kom med på (och sista sittplatsen). Kan ju säga att trafiken fungerar lite sämre än vanligt…


Jag turistade mig en liten sväng och gjorde upp en plan. En sjukt bra plan. Vi får se om ett år om det lyckas.


Sen åt jag lunch. Och checkade av en punkt på listan To-do-before-I-die.


Och tittade på växter. Tänk om man kunde ha en hibiskushäck i sin trädgård…


Till sist kan jag meddela att gullas med en haj känns ungefär som att gullas med en stor snorkråka. To be continued… Men lite fränt var det 🙂