Arrieved in Nice today! Can’t really understand the report about bad weather, I was so sweaty went got to hotel that I had to shower and change clothes. I normally don’t think it’s even warm at 30C.

Well I have expected the worst out of this trip. At check-in they started by telling ” as you see we have no aircraft. It has landed at the wrong terminal, but a tractor will soon tow it here to the right terminal…”.

The plane ride we should not talk about in public, I might offed some parents. God forbidde! Lets say I thank my lucky star that Pink screams louder when the iPod is on full volume, that Mr.M look so funny at pictures and that I step in if the parents can’t (they were happy too, but hopefully cancelled their trip to Thailand).


I didn’t land in the alpes. Yes! Snowy there… But I did land here.


My plan were to travel to all different places than Nice. By train. There is a train strike. Still. They say it will last. Will be one of the longest in history.

I got fed up by this. Found I hadn’t eaten since 7 in the morning and went hunting for food. I walked a quarter by Nice, don’t know how many frikkin kilometers (6 maybe?) and found an Irish pub with tasteless hamburgers, poor wine and excellent service in English at the port.


Meanwhile I read about the recommendations to only eat 500 g of red meat per week. Then I had some more wine and cigarettes.


Took a walk back to hotel via supermarket for water and wine for 1,85 € per bottle.

The terrace is great, even tho this town is damn noisy. It even have washing machines! (? What the hell ?)


I will soon probably have some pigeons shit on me, so it’s time to decide what to do this evening, maybe dinner as a dessert after lunch?