Steak tartar – Råbiff med confirerad äggula

So yummy!

Det behöver inte alls vara mer komplicerat än en enkel råbiff.

  • Råbiff
  • Krutonger
  • Chornicons
  • Kapris
  • Rädisa
  • Dragonaioli
  • Parmesan
  • Balsamicosyrup
  • Konfiterad äggula

It does not need to be more complicated than a simple tartar.

• Steak tartar
• Croutons
• Cornichons
•Tarragon Aioli
• Balsamic syrup
• confited yolk


Pulled beef, baked potato and coleslaw

Start with the pulled beef, it takes hours.

Put the meat in a cast iron pot or similar. Add ketchup, chipotle, garlic gloves, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, salt and black pepper. Let simmer on low heat or in the oven (150 C) for at least 4 hours ( 1 kg) but probably 12 hours…

Make a coleslaw.

Shred cabbage (I like summer cabbage or Chinese cabbage most) and carrots. Mix with mayonnaise, crème fraiche and Dijon mustard. Add salt and black pepper.

Make baked potatoes and the sauce.

For the sauce mix crème fraiche, chili sauce and BBQ sauce.

Birthday dinner 2017

On my birthday we had cake, and planned the upcoming birthday dinner 2017.

Later we started to lay the table. Or at least one of us did…

Theme was spring and nature.

The smartest way to keep plates warm before serving at home is an electrical blanket.

When guests arrived there were Champagne and two different hors douvres. One with scrimps and chili mayo and one with pickled meat and truffle aioli.

First dish of the evening was beets.

More in detail beetroot, yellow beetroot, pear, maché, walnuts, bee pollen, acacia honey comb, balsamic syrup, fried goat cheese and mealworms. All inspired by this dish.

Second dish was a velouté made of beef. On the plate is mushroom, peas, carrot, cress and golden salt.

Third dish was salmon.

With potato purée, scrimps and crayfish and scrimp foam. It should have been served with also a scrimp roe butter, but that one got left in the fridge…

Dish four was savory porridge.

With fennel, cress and grasshopper.

Dish five was braised celery.

With celery and gruyere and parmesan, and celeriac, cider apples, yellow beetroot, walnuts carrot sprouts and cress.

Dessert was a berry parfait with raspberry mousse, berry sauce, bee pollen, gold leafs and cotton candy.

Mr Ms birthday cake

Mr M had his birthday earlier last week. 8 years! So this weekend we celebrated with a proper cake!

Start by covering a cake mould in clingfilm and then in ham or sausage.


Layer it with potato mash.

And fish stew.

When all layers are done cover it with more ham.

Leave to set for a while.


Pie week

This week is British Pie week and March 14th is US national pie day so what could be more up to date than a list of nice pies and tarts.

Sweet pies:

Rhubarb and berry pie

Blueberry pie

Mince pies

Nutty pie

Lemon-meringue pie

Savoury  pies:

Kale pie

Cottage pie

Taco pie

Salmon pie

Quiche Lorraine with asparagus

Sardell tartlets

Tomato tart





Salad with chicken – Sallad med kycklingröra

Börja med att koka pasta. Häll av och blanda med pesto och pesto rosso. Låt den svalna.

Blanda sedan kycklingröran.

Bitar av grillad kyckling, crème fraiche, majonäs, finhackad paprika och äppel, madras curry, mild (eller stark) ajvar relish, hackad persilja, salt och peppar.

Servera med grönsaker och ostbitar. Tex. salad, tomat, gurka, fetaost, cheddarost, vindruvor…

– – –

Start by boiling the pasta. Drain and mix with pesto rosso and pesto. Let it cool.

Make the creamy chicken.

Mix pieces of grilled chicken, sour cream, mayonnaise, finely chopped paprika and apple, madras curry, mild (or strong) ajvar relish, chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

Serve with vegetables and pieces of cheese. For example salad, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, grapes …




Shimeji wok

Hittade shimeji svampar. I butiken alltså…  Mycket fräsiga och väldigt goda.

Putsa svampen ren från jord.

Skala färsk gurkmeja (använd handskar) och skiva den fint eller riv. Tärna broccoli.

Häll olja i en stekpanna eller wok. Lägg ner broccoli, morötter, kyckling (lårfileer helst), gurkmeja och soja. Låt det bli halv mjukt. Häll i majs, svampen och vattenkastanj.

Servera med nudlar eller ris.

Chili con carne

Fry minced meat (if preferred quick version) or pieces of prime rib. Add fresh chilies, cayenne chili powder and chipotle chili.

Add crushed tomatoes and a can of white beans in tomato sauce. Add other beans and corns.

Season with salt and pepper and chili sauce or ketchup.

Serve with crème fraiche.

Nice to eat as is or with nachos.

Udonsoppa med kyckling och champinjoner 

Fräs champinjoner och kyckling. Häll på 2 dl stark kycklingfond.

Häll i 2 msk äppelcidervinäger, 2 msk ostronsås, 0,5 msk soja och 1 msk teriyakisås.

Häll i en burk ananasbitar med juicen.

Häll på kokosgrädde och lägg i udonnudlar.

Dekorera med chili treads.