Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

Started in The Bar with Her Majesty’s Cup.

Earl Grey infused berries, rhubarb and Hendrick’s gin, topped with champagne.

Then continued to the restaurant and the tasting menu and wine pairing.
Selected breads contained olives vs bacon.
First dish was Dorset crab, celeriac and caviar.
Confit duck foie gras, pickled pumpkin and seeds 
‘Sauté gourmand’ of lobster and truffled chicken quenelles. Let me tell you this was probably one of the best seasoned dishes I’ve ever had…
Fillet of john dory, turnip and sea urchin  
Saddle of venison, parsnip and peanut 
Assortment of four French cheeses
Exotic fruit contemporary vacherin 

Kött och potatis – Meat and potatoes

Fry some fil’e to perfection.

Fry some shredded potatoes.

Make choron sauce.


Nothing could ever go wrong the day you serve this in perfection with tomatoes…

Deviled eggs

Hårdkoka ägg.

Ta ur gulan i en bunke och blanda i 1 del creme fraishe, 2 delar majonnäs, 1 msk sardellkräm eller 2 sardeller eller 2 msk kaviar (romkräm). Svartpeppar och cayennepeppar. Mixa ihop ordentligt med en gaffel.

Fyll äggvitorna, garnera med rökta räkor och caviart och glasört.

Rökt lax

Börja med en saltlag 1-2 fiskar som väger ca 1 kilo. Om det är en kilo fil’e så halvera mängden salt.

2 liter Vatten

4 dl Grovsalt

0,5 dl Socker

Blanda saltlagen så den löser sig.

Ställ in i kylskåp c:a 3 timmar.

Ta upp fisken ur lagen och torka av den.

Rök lax filé ca 25 minuter om kring 0 grader ute.

Halloween 2017

Hors d’oeuvres was potato chips with caviart and smetana, smoked perch roe with smetana and sweet potato chips and finally pumpkin pizza with cheddar and serrano. Someone was drooling…

First course was Caesar salad with chicken liver and black dressing of 50 % sardelles and 50 % squid ink. Meal worms included.

Pumpkin soup with chanterelles and other mushrooms.

Crayfish panna cotta.

Pork ribs with pumpkin puré, tea marinated plums and pickled pumpkin.

Snail garden with eggs of chablis. 

The cheese dish was bluecheese cream with blueberry leather, edible glass and bee pollen.

Sweet Blinis with buckthorn berry ”roe” and mascarpone ”smetana” with grounded vanilla.

Riga and Muusu

A weekend in Riga and what would be better to spend time on than eating? Not even spas.

We went to Muusu to check the culinary scene out.

A very nice, cozy but yet modern restaurant. It was very reasonable priced at a first look and when the food arrived it was for sure! The dishes were well thought through and beautifully plated. Tasty but delicate. When comparing to restaurants with * or ** in Michelin this one definitely deserves one star both with food and service. It is a restaurant I truly recommend and would return to.

What’s up with all these burnt crusts and other burnt things to eat?! Nope, I will not jump on this one. If my stuff is burnt, I’ve messed up!

First dish was a goat cheese salad with

Main was chicken with

For dessert I went for the

Another dessert was the

Could not eat all the time so we took a tour via some of the touristy spots.

Honey cake. It was a special creation with a nice, rich flavor and not too sweet at all, but a bit crumbly.

Due to a horrible and extreme flu I was happy to be able to tourist from the hotel window. 🙂

China Tang – Cantonese food

Located at the Dorchester the iconic, art-deco interior is designed to evoke the romanticism of the Thirties. China Tang is said to offer some of the best and most authentic Cantonese food outside of China.

Me and the trench coat took a walk and was seated for lunch.

First there was a basket of assorted Dim Sum, some Har Kau (scrimp dumpling), Siu Mai (pork dumpling), Chiu Chow dumpling, vegetable dumpling and vegetable spring roll.

The tastes were clean and fresh and vegetables crispy. Cooked perfect, but as in most cases this sauce lady would have liked something else that hot-hot chili sauce to dip in. Clear that result is down to the ingredients.

Next was an tomato and egg drop soup. I love tomato soup and I love eggs. But have not tried them combined before and must say I was a bit skeptical, but it was very fresh, light and something I could do at home sometime.

Next dish was Hong Kong classic mixed meat and seafood noodle with greens and oyster sauce. Chicken and pork was amazingly tender and the taste was crisp and healthy. Noodles I would have liked less burnt.